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What reminders do I need to see to stay motivated?

What reminders do I need to see to stay motivated?

Staying motivated to move forward is a big challenge. It happens that we have days when we lose all our motivation, days when we forget why we are here and why we must continue to move forward. We wonder how to stay motivated to continue in life. Sometimes these are the days when we need to stay motivated. On those periods of time, when we are not careful, we do things that “mess up” everything. Not to let this happen to you, here are 9 reminders or boosters to stay motivated, alert and inspired to keep going, not to stop and especially not to make your point of fall your stuck point.

1) I am here to accomplish a mission

Some people advocate the privileging of distractions even if it is not necessarily at the expense of the work to be done. Others say you have to live your life thoroughly. We fight for something to live on, but all of this becomes vain when we forget that we are here to accomplish a mission. And those who know how to say it, ask each day, “How did I use today to fulfill part of the mission that is mine?”. I think this is the best way to make sense of your life and nothing motivates me that much. So do not forget that you are here to accomplish a mission. Clarify it and work every day to accomplish it.

2) I have my place here and I have importance

Wherever you were or are now, never think that some people would have the merit of being there and that you would be just an intruder. Do not let this thought enter your mind because at any place and anywhere you are the most important person each time. Do not underestimate yourself and know how to say each time: “I have importance. I too have the right to be there to do what I am here to mark my difference.

3) I am unique and nobody can steal my personality

Do not imagine that someone can steal your personality. You are unique as you are and no one can threaten your intrinsic integrity. Nobody can take your place. We are all in the middle of the trail in corridors that are our own and nobody comes to occupy your hallway. Nobody can come and take your place. This is why you must continue to develop in order to occupy it fully. Nobody can steal your potential. Then develop it, dominate your corridor, dominate your space and surprise the world.

4) People are counting on me and I must continue to live up to it

No matter what level of achievement you are, you will always have admirers, people that your actions, your results, and your feats inspire whatever they are. Just because of that, you have to keep fighting and going beyond yourself. There are too many people of whom you are the only hope of living, the only source of inspiration. Too many people are counting on you so you cannot afford to mess around, take the wrong turns even less to give up.

5) Life will continue after all

Whatever may happen, even if it is the bitterest failure or the most destructive humiliation, life will continue anyway. You must move your feet, get up, dust yourself, and raise your head. You will fall if you decide to do anything that is worth doing but you can stand up again. And if you are standing longer than you fall, the victory will become certain for you. Life goes on so do not make your point fall, your stalemate.

6) It’s not over yet. And if it’s over, it’s because my mission is over

Do not be afraid of the end of things. Do not be afraid to see that it’s going to end. Remember that if it really ends, your mission here is over. Now, remember one thing all the time: “Until your mission is over, you will not go away. And if you have to leave, it’s over. “My best motivation is to remember that our life here is only a parenthesis, that we have left somewhere and that we will return. As a result, I stay focused on my mission while I am there.

7) The dream must continue

Imagine for a moment that the essence of your mission on earth is to realize a specific dream. What would you do after experiencing difficult times? Would you give up the apron? As a friend of mine says to me, “Even if things have not gone well, the dream must continue because that is what my life is all about.” Always remember this phrase to stay motivated to move forward constantly. Ask yourself the unique dream that you must realize and whatever the difficulties, remember that the dream must continue.

8) My strong convictions remain relevant

If you strongly believe in values ​​and principles, they will not have lost their meaning because you would be in trouble or in the face of adversity and criticism. Always remember this: “Your beliefs are still relevant”. Do you need to stay motivated to move forward? Know that these truths do not die. We can lose sight of them in the vagueness of our doubts and our disasters but they remain relevant. So do not forget to stop when you feel that you have taken the wrong detour. To stay motivated, do not forget to go back to fundamentals, universal truths because they will count until the end of all things.

9) What’s happening to me is no more important than how I decide to live it

I read in the book of Proverbs this statement once: “If you get discouraged the day when everything goes wrong, you really have no value.” My true value, indeed, is not how I react when everything is fine but how I react when I am tested. And to remain equal to ourselves, to stay motivated to move forward despite hardships, we must remember that the situation is not as important as the way we decide to live it. We can live it as the end of all things or the opportunity to show all the value we have. We can live it as a punishment or the opportunity to learn better lessons to excel more.


You will notice that these 9 reminders will do magic if you keep them up on your refrigerator or on your bathroom mirror and read them every single day if you need to. Never forget to motivate yourself especially when you are at your lowest.

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