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What do you do when you used to love your work, but passion has been killed by work/life balance issues?
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What do you do when you used to love your work, but passion has been killed by work/life balance issues?

Being passionate requires a certain dedication, a lot of work, concentration and willingness not to be afraid to fail often. Becoming a passionate person, whether at work or in your private life and who knows what he wants, can also bring attract enthusiasm, joy and a purpose in life, if you are ready to invest in what is important to you. If you want to be passionate, you should know what you want and work hard, even if it means making more sacrifices along the way.


Start step by step measures

Learn all you need to know about your passion. You should be determined to learn all about your job and the people you love the most, never stop learning and know that the sources of knowledge are endless if you really want to be passionate. Read all the books, articles and materials you can, take classes, read interviews and do everything you can to get an idea of ​​what needs to be done to succeed in your passion. Remember that your work is never finished. There is always something to read, learn and do. You may become jaded if you really think about everything in your field. Subscribe to journals or other relevant written material in your field so that you always receive the latest information about your passion.

Get advice from people who work in your field of expertise

Although you can learn many things from reading or watching videos, it is always best to get first-hand information from people who know their subject. You can always get more advice, ideas and new perspectives from people around you, whether you talk to a specialist in your field or someone who shares your passion. Never think that you already have all the answers and always make the effort to listen to others. Ask other people to introduce you to those who can help you or send emails to people to ask if they could talk to you or if you can ask a few questions if you do not know anyone in your field.  You will find that most people will be happy to share their visions of things, especially if it is something that is close to their heart. Talking to many people in your field can also help you open the idea that there is more than one way to go when it comes to your passion. This allows you to have a more nuanced approach to your passion.

Set goals and try to reach them

You should have goals if you really want to be passionate. Although you may think of passion as something completely crazy, wild and unleashed that one can not contain, you should still have a goal to know how to succeed in achieving your dream and promote your passion, if you think about it very seriously. Create a series of small steps that lead to a big goal to stay motivated throughout your journey.

Having a goal when it comes to your passion can help you clarify your dream and give you a more concrete vision of what you should do to make it happen. You will have more trouble getting there if you have only a vague idea of ​​your passion.

Set up daily habits will help you

Set up daily habits that allow you to pursue your passion. You should take good habits if you really want to succeed as part of your passion. It is said of course that passionate people get up early, but many night owls do the best things in the evening, so it may not concern you. Find habits that allow you to pursue your passion and make the most of your time and abilities and stick to it.

Plan a daily schedule for yourself

This will encourage you to stick to a specific schedule. If, for example, you want to become a more passionate writer, set aside time to write about something you love every day, no matter what else you do. You are obviously not going to work hard from morning to night. You could offer yourself some free time. Pausing to relax while you pursue your passion can actually give you more energy to get to the bottom of your dreams. You can plan a period of work together if you know someone who has a similar goal and your passion is not solitary.

Develop the qualities of a passionate person

  1. Enthusiasm

You should be the person who is enthusiastic about everything she does if you really want to be passionate. Do not be afraid to say that you like what you do, to have tears in your eyes, to make plans for the future and to control your projects. You should be excited to stand out if you are really passionate. You should not minimize your passion when asked what you do. You do not have to hide your enthusiasm or interest in something. You will never really be passionate if you are more concerned with taking a casual and pass-away attitude than sharing what matters to you.

It can be helpful to meet people who are passionate about the same cause or who are just people who love to talk about what makes them tick. You will be more comfortable sharing your own feelings.

  1. Optimism

Passionate people tend to have an optimistic nature and are persuaded to get what they want if they bother. While you may be failing, it is important that they do not demoralize you and that you focus on all the good things that await you. Do not complain too much and try to talk about what you are passionate about. Try to smile, radiate positive energy and focus on your accomplishments, not your setbacks. Try to find at least two positive comments to counter a negative statement, if you find yourself making a particularly pessimistic remark. There must be something that will please you!

Spending time with optimistic people can help you have a more positive attitude in your life. You will probably be much more demoralized if there are only ominous birds around you. Make a list of appreciations by noting everything for which you are grateful. This can help you see all the things you can be happy with.

  1. Courage

Courage has nothing to do with fighting with enemies or dodging missiles. It means being willing to take risks to defend everything you believe in. It means approaching unknown territories without knowing what you are going to find there. This requires you to come out of your shell and accept criticism, even if you think it’s hurtful. True passionate people are known for their bravery. Showing courage also means agreeing to defy soft consensus and oppose a wrong way to do certain things. It requires you to challenge the authorities when you think it is necessary and to make the effort to fight for your convictions. Bravery is also about accepting failure. You will never go anywhere if you are looking for security first.


When you stop loving your job or your significant other things seem too problematic at the time and you might even become overwhelmed about your new feelings. It is indeed a huge problem if one loses passion for what one used to be crazy in love with, but passion is like any other feeling that can be renovated and even replaceable!

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