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The 10 most motivating words you could tell yourself every morning to encourage you to exercise
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The 10 most motivating words you could tell yourself every morning to encourage you to exercise

Have you ever been sitting on your bedside trying to motivate yourself to get up in the morning and go for a run? You can spend hours lying down and when you’re finally motivated to go out and exercise, it’s been so long that you probably have something else to do now. And then you feel guilty. It’s a vicious circle. But simply, by telling yourself these 10 most motivating words each morning will definitely help you encourage yourself to do it!


Word 1: “I can do it”

Find a reason. Find a reason to do it and tell yourself to do it. Everyone has one. Which one is yours? Do you want to look attractive (and healthy)? Do you want to enjoy your grandchildren at least until they are thirty? Do you want to wear jeans that you wore 5 years ago? Do you have a crush on a pretty girl at your work place? What is your reason to do it? Find it and focus on it. But most importantly, keep telling yourself that you can do it.

Word 2: “I am strong”

You are probably over thinking the essence of waking up early in the morning to exercise. If you do not do it you can’t possibly be human like all of us. This kind of thinking has hidden obstacles. For starters, having to over think before doing something makes it look like a job or an obligation. It’s not funny! You over think because you don’t believe you are strong enough to have the will to wake up and go straight to the gym.

Keep telling yourself that you are strong, you are a beast and you could beat any thoughts that keep you from doing your morning routine!

Word 3: “This is my mission”

Set a goal. You can do it at any time; it is not necessarily your final goal. If you want to exercise twice a week every morning, set yourself a goal twice a week every morning, it’s so easy. Then you can give yourself a small reward! If you want to run 6 miles every day 5am, make it your goal.

Word 4: “I deserve the best”

What is the meaning of your goals if you do not have a reward when you accomplish them? You must reward yourself, because you deserve it! Once again, the reward should not be hung in front of you until the end (it would be too cruel), give yourself small rewards from time to time to keep up the pace. Reward yourself after each session, every week, all the exercises that you have done and all your little successes. The goal is to train your brain to get excited about waking up early to exercise instead of grumpy and lazy. When you see the reward behind all this work, it will give you the strength to continue and not be discouraged.

Think of activities worse than your exercises that you will have to do every morning if you do not play sports. Tell yourself that if you do not exercise, you will need to clean the basement (if you have one) or call your least likeable cousin that you rather not talk to for the rest of your life! This is a reason to motivate yourself more seriously. Always remember that everyone deserves the best and so do you.

Word 5: “This is easy”

Do not put too much pressure on yourself. Keep telling yourself that this is the easiest thing to do (although I know you don’t totally agree with that). You are not lazy; exercising is just difficult at first. A person who runs 8 miles a day does not understand that the energy they need is much less than that needed by a person who has not run for years. So do not be too hard on yourself, you’re just getting started, that’s all.

When you stumble and fall, you must understand that it is normal. It happens to everyone. The setbacks are not important, what is important is to get up. You will experience small failures (you will miss a day of training, you will be sick, etc.), but when that happens, relax. You will get back to it. Keep your head up and tell your mind that this is easy to do.

Word 6: “I am a healthy human being”

You are a healthy human being. If you were looking for an article on diets, you would have found an article on diets. But the fact is that everything is intrinsically connected. If you eat healthy, you will also feel healthy. And when you feel better, guess what? You will want to exercise even more! Telling yourself every morning that you are a healthy human being will participate in attracting good eating habits. You will start liking healthy food, if you don’t already, thus you will want to exercise to compliment that part of your life.

In addition to eating healthy, you must have breakfast before and after exercising! This will not only give you energy for the rest of the day, but it will also help you maintain a healthy weight and stay healthy. And do not forget to drink water!

Word 7: “I am responsible”

You are responsible for your own well being. You are in charge of the way your life is going and you are definitely responsible whether or not you decide to start exercising every morning. There are countless of sedentary non-productive activities that we do each day which can be replaced with healthier activities. For example, make an effort to go to wake up early and do 10 pushups and 10 sit ups every time you watch a TV program that you do not like after watching one that you like. You will feel motivated to exercise whenever your old habit recalls your memory and in a very short time you will have a new healthy habit.

Word 8: I’m halfway there”

You’re half way there if you are reading this article and looking for words that motivate you to wake up early in the morning to workout. If you want to exercise in the morning, but you do not really want to, just go to the gym and tell yourself that if you really do not want to exercise, you will go home. There is a good chance that when you find yourself there, you will not want to go back halfway. Then, tell yourself that you will only be on the treadmill for 10 minutes, even if your regular program includes a longer running time. Things will seem easier by telling you to do one more, without having to commit to doing anything else. In a very short time, your endorphins will take over.

Word 9: “Even I could use some help”

Ask someone to watch you. Even if you are your worst critic, you are also your worst accomplice. You get ready to exercise on Monday and Tuesday mornings, but you find yourself doing something else? That’s why you have to find people to watch you. Tell your friends, family and co-workers about your plans because you know they will ask you questions, which will motivate you to exercise even more!

Word 10: “I am motivated”

If you finished reading this article, chances are you ARE motivated to wake up and exercise in the morning! But, to help you get even motivated make sure to surround yourself with motivated people. The world is full of people waiting for your failure. Do not trust these people, they are not happy and they are just evil. Avoid them. You know who they are. They will make things so much more difficult. They are not worth it. Instead, find those energetic balls and stick to them! They will make your life much easier and your exercise even better.


If you are discouraged and stressed out every time you think about waking up early to exercise, motivation is the only key you could use to open the door of a healthier, happier and much easier life for both your body and soul. Keep telling yourself these 10 motivating words every day in order to help yourself cultivate optimism, regain confidence in your abilities and re-motivate yourself, I invite you to test these words today!

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