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My hubby lacks interest in anything except boating. How can I motivate him to get off the sofa?
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My hubby lacks interest in anything except boating. How can I motivate him to get off the sofa?

On March 5th, the readers of the New York Times magazine discovered a new word: “choreplay”, a contraction between the English words “chore” (housework) and “foreplay”. To motivate your hubby to get off the couch and participate in activities whether they are activities at home, in the neighborhood or at work, you have to know how to motivate others and have the soul of a leader.


It is important to have some very important qualities. The first of the qualities you need to acquire is to be self-motivated; otherwise, it will not be possible. And to be able to motivate your husband you must start by adopting a state of mind conducive to discussion and positive dialogue. If you can think that you can have enough charisma to motivate others you are right.

There are two very important factors to consider:

  • Your personality.
  • Their personality.

If the person in front of you (in this case your hubby) is completely closed and sealed to any change, it will be very difficult to change his mind and encourage him to get off that comfortable sofa. Change comes from within first, and if he doesn’t want to change then there’s really nothing that you can do except for one thing: persuasion.

By using persuasion techniques, where you learn to cope with difficult people you can achieve the best results.

You must be the kind of person who inspires others

You must find the purpose of motivation to allow him to find something towards which he has a great passion. And most importantly, you must learn to think about expressing yourself differently and be careful not to always express the content of your thoughts. When you think about what you are going to bring out in your hubby or in any other person, you should be able to find what is best in him or her.

When it comes to how you will say things

You will need to look at how you approach the subject, the tone of your voice, but also the words you will use. Here are 3 tips that will give you many tips to inspire your hubby to change his habits and get off the sofa to do something useful.

1 – Communicate with your hubby to motivate him

When it comes to communication, people do not always realize the importance of communication. They cannot find the words to say what they would like to say or transmit.

Make sure you are able to convey your message appropriately. The first thing you need to do is remove the “you” from your sentences. When you use phrases like “I think you,” you will find someone in front of you who will be on the defensive. You will find, from your side, that others do not understand you. You will also need to exclude any negative comments from your motivational speech.

2 – Value your hubby to motivate him

You cannot motivate someone by making them feel inferior. You cannot try to push someone forward either. It just does not work that way.

You will need to look at the words you will use.

And also, the way you will say them so as to be able to positively reinforce whatever you say and inspire your husband to get up and do something positive. However, to properly identify and visualize the personality of your hubby, you will have to learn to listen to him. Listening can be very difficult when you are the one initiating the speech. However, you will need to learn or you will never be able to communicate well with him.

3 – Listen to your hubby to motivate him

Before you even try to talk to your partner about the subject or finding some inspiring things to motivate him, learn to listen to him more. You will have to ask yourself why it is important for him to find something that interests him. This is important because you do not want to confuse your motives with the situation. You need to motivate someone because you want the best for them, not because of what you miss in your life. For example, the reason why you may be keen on motivating your husband to get off the sofa is to get some time alone by yourself and have a nice cup of tea with your dog or cat and enjoy the silence for a while. You might as well be embarrassed because every time one of your friends visits you, your hubby is always there listening to all of your conversations and taking from your precious private time with your girls! It’s hard to motivate someone if they do not want to.

So, how to motivate your hubby?

All you have to do is make sure that you are there for your hubby and that you will be there for him when he needs you. This is important because it is your support that will motivate him to achieve bigger and better things. If you are able to be a good wife, friend, and a partner for him, you will find that you will end up encouraging him to improve too.



There are so many rules on how to encourage your hubby to engage in daily activities and get off that couch of his. All you have to do is be there for him if you want to help, you’re going to work as a support system, and keep all lines of communication open. Also, continue to suggest new ideas almost permanently so that he can find something that motivates him. This is a great way to keep a strong and close relationship with your hubby and help him find the right path. Anyone who is able to be a good partner and a friend can motivate their hubby to achieve bigger and better things. The important thing for success and training others to change their old habits is to behave as a leader.

Remember that motivating your hubby begins with adopting a positive and energetic state of mind.

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