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Hypnosis and Motivation What's the Difference?

Hypnosis and Motivation What’s the Difference?

Motivation is the key to optimism in our lives. If we are not motivated enough, we would never be able to find in ourselves the will to do anything in our daily activities. It’s motivation that helps us to accomplish a ton of more or less ordinary actions: the motivation to be healthy, the motivation to work harder, the motivation to have a happy family, the motivation to have healthy relationships, the motivation to earn more.

But what happens when hypnosis is linked to motivation? Hypnosis is a well-known method adapted by countless numbers of people who use it to achieve a different set of results every single day. That means it is almost certain some people use it to get the motivation they need to achieve something they long searched for. In this article, you will discover the meaning of both these incredibly significant terms ‘hypnosis’ and ‘motivation’. We will unveil the differences between them as well as their main clashing points.




It is obvious sometimes after looking around you, perhaps even looking within yourself, that many people have a low motivation, or no motivation at all to achieve anything. These people desperately want to do anything. Nothing motivates them to work. Work means effort, but the human being has a significant tendency to get attracted to what requires the least possible effort. We all have different ways of thinking and our thinking is influenced and coordinated by many factors. Some are known and others are still unknown.

Known factors are circumstances, education, and family background, lifestyle, culture, family support, friends, etc. but our thoughts are also influenced by many factors that are not yet known. Two people of similar education, even identical twins, may face the same situation, but react in a totally different way! To return to the central question – Why do some of us have little motivation? There is no easy answer. However, wouldn’t there be at least something to do to guide us towards motivation? Can we do something to make us enthusiastic and turn that enthusiasm into sustainable motivation along the road?


Hypnosis is a waking state of sleep, in which the person under hypnosis seems totally in ease and relaxation. But how does this method work? In which cases can it be used?  Hypnosis is a peculiar psychological state still poorly defined which has certain physiological attributes and is marked by the functioning of the individual at a level of attention other than the ordinary state of consciousness. It can, under certain conditions, give the appearance of sleep or sleepwalking without sharing all the characteristics.

This condition is usually provoked in one person by the voluntary action of another person. This process is sometimes called hypnotic induction. It is characterized according to the individuals by a reduction of the field of consciousness (hyper-focalization), introspection, and the development of hallucinations, dreams, a sense of absence, dissociation, a loss of spatiotemporal landmarks and other phenomena variables. The hypnotic experience of a person depends on his personality, the context, the method employed, the suggestions made to him, the depth of the hypnotic induction, and other parameters. A person can also develop spontaneous hypnosis or provoke one’s own hypnosis. This is called autohypnosis.

Hypnosis vs motivation

Take yourself as an example. You are certainly very motivated to do something special, but totally unmotivated by something else. For example, a mathematician may be very excited about working on a mathematical problem, but not at all motivated to return to sports after years of sedentary life. Or, on the contrary, he may be totally motivated by the idea of ​​going back to working out, but a little less to the idea of ​​dwelling again and again on this routine work of mathematical problems. Why so many possibilities?

Our mind has a very complex structure, about which we don’t really know very much. How can many of us claim to understand their own mind? They may know some of their abilities and disabilities, their likes and dislikes, etc., but can they predict for sure, their own reaction to a sudden situation? That’s very unlikely.

There are as many answers as there are people.

On a more abstract level, we are talking about the unconscious, you are free to use any word you want, however for ease and understanding, this is the general term that I will use: we can find many blockages to motivation. As their names suggest, these “blockages” are “unconscious”, so known by the subject, but at a deeper level of consciousness, not necessarily visible in the area.

Hypnosis is a great way to get rid of these blockages and most importantly, a great way to make them disappear forever.  A concrete example is that of a woman who wants to lose weight because she is overweight. Diets can work for a while, but eventually, her motivation will rapidly decline and eventually disappear.  By lifting the blockage and working on the anchors and the motivation, she reconciled her unconscious who was afraid of slimming down and her conscious who wanted to slim down.

How to use hypnosis to boost your motivation?

Sometimes we lack motivation: I think we all have days where we do not have the courage to get up, where to prepare ourselves and go to work seems an impossible task. In some cases, the lack of motivation can really cause difficulties for the person who suffers; it can affect his efficiency or his abilities. In turn, these difficulties can lead to great frustration and relationship problems with the people around us. However, if you catch this lack of motivation at the right time, you have help at hand: hypnosis for gaining motivation back!

The applications of hypnotherapy for motivation

Hypnotherapy is intrinsically linked to the concept of motivation and can help you in all areas of life. From sports mental preparation to succeed in business to losing weight or to stop smoking or get rid of an addiction, self-hypnosis for motivation may well be the answer to your problems. Hypnotherapists help their clients deal with a lot of different difficulties through hypnotherapy for motivation. Some want to improve their performance at work or in school, others need to keep or regain a fulfilling relationship. Self-hypnosis for motivation will serve you in the same situations and allow you to focus on what you want to solve.

Only one condition: you must have clearly identified your goal before you can do hypnosis or self-hypnosis sessions to help you. Identifying your goal for hypnotherapy is essential before you start motivating yourself. Motivation is centered on the idea of ​​enabling you to realize your potential and sometimes this potential is not accessible to you entirely because of experiences in your life. Self-hypnosis for motivation will have the role of removing these mental blocks, by connecting with your subconscious.

Self-hypnosis, excellent for motivation

Self-hypnosis is based on autosuggestion, it works on a deeper level than you imagine. Hypnotherapy for motivation works on your subconscious and pushes it to change the way you perceive yourself and the image you have of yourself. Without our knowledge, our subconscious is very largely responsible for our thoughts and reactions; if it leads to thinking differently, then the behavior will change too. The subconscious understands your true potential and feeds on it. Through the suggestions of the hypnotherapist or autosuggestions in self-hypnosis, it is possible to relearn to the subconscious to “think” otherwise, to believe that nothing is impossible for you.


The difference between hypnosis and motivation may seem vague yet very clear. Just like black and white colors, the two colors obviously belong to the same category of terms ‘color’ yet still very different.

Combining hypnosis and motivation and be an easy a solution to your problems and the success will surprise you. Once you embark on this journey of self-discovery, you will quickly notice the difference between these two amazing terms in your life. By altering self-perception and self-esteem, hypnosis provides access to another way of seeing the world. You can go from a professional procrastination to a concentrated worker with no problem of self-discipline. So set your goals now and dive into the vast ocean of your subconscious through hypnosis to reach motivation.

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