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How to stay motivated in business?

How to stay motivated in business?

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” That’s what Oprah Winfrey said when asked about what drives her through life. According to the dictionary, passion is a great feeling of enthusiasm or excitement about an activity. That makes you happy and motivates you to do the best you can, and even more. If you have found your passion and have the opportunity to practice it, whether in life or at work, you will easily climb to success. Every day will be like a playground.


Having said that, finding your passion at work, will lead you directly to success. There might still be obstacles to overcome in order to stay motivated in your business. What is needed is to ignore obstacles in order to achieve success.

So here’s the big question: how can passion lead you to success at work and how can you stay motivated in business? Here are 4 simple tips.

  1. Find Your Passion and Exploit It

Here is a quote from Wanda Skyes: “If there is something you want to do that you cannot ignore, stop wishing and just go for it.” Passion is not difficult to achieve. If you know what motivates you, then you are already there. If you incorporate your passion into your work and your business, you will be more creative and find new ideas and solutions more often. In addition, you will be satisfied and completely happy.

  1. Find What You Can Control and Ignore What You Have No Control Over

Step by step, do not complicate your life. Success is never 100% perfect, that’s a fact. On your journey, you will find problems and negativity that will distract you. Ignore them and focus on your goal.

Here’s how to do it:

Manage your fears by refusing your negative thoughts and stay active. Take risks. Do not abandon. Have clear goals. Imagine what success would look like. Contemplate what is at stake without letting your fears control you. Also, have clear behaviors. Do not do anything that will drive you away from your goal. Accept that anxiety may never go away. You may never feel well. Disappointments and failures are part of your journey.

  1. Find Your Vision and Make It a Reality

What is your vision? What do you want to achieve? What does the final image look like and what are your hopes and dreams? What are you doing to reach those dreams? If you are clear about your goals and dreams, you are more likely to accomplish them.

  1. Be Creative When You Visualize Your Dreams

New research on the brain has found that we can create new paths in the brain by focusing and extending our actions and thoughts. This suggests that visualization is a very effective way of reprogramming our subconscious. If your mind is focused on what it wants to achieve, it will be more accurate and you will be more likely to achieve fulfillment. Do not forget that the brain is muscle! Here’s what Albert Einstein said: “I do not have any particular talent. I am simply passionately curious.” I hope this quote proves that in passion there is power. And success is not so imaginary and far away!

Anyone who runs a business, be it a small business, a multinational, or a self-entrepreneur, can be considered a businessman (or a businesswoman). In this area, success can be measured in terms of the personal achievements of a businessman, and the general health of the business in which that person took part. These two aspects are generally strongly related to one another because the successes of a business begin with the work of a person. Passion is one of the most fundamental habits you have to acquire in order to become a highly effective person in both your personal and career life.

  1. Do something that matters to you

In the journey to achieve an important goal for you, passion will help you continue your efforts on days when you lack motivation. It’s not because you’re passionate that you’ll have fun 24 hours a day, but it will make sense of your life. The efforts you make should always help you reach a goal you will be proud of, or at least get close to what you really want to achieve.

  1. Find a Balance between Work and Play

A healthy balance between work and personal life is essential to the long-term success and well-being of workers. On the other hand, as you can expect, your ambitions will require a lot of work. The passion for your work will help you stay motivated while you have to work late at night. By working too hard without allowing yourself to rest, you will be stressed and less effective. Set limits to your work day, and take breaks regularly to replenish your energy. Do not confuse your work with the person you are. Knowing how to get away from work, even if it is a real passion, allow you to take a step back on what you do.

  1. Forget perfection

The more your work is important to you, the more difficult it will be, but as it is often said, the best is the enemy of the good. By concentrating too intensely on creating the perfect graph, speech, or dissertation, you will end up with a very good project, instead of the 10 that you had to achieve. Find a balance in your work that satisfies you, your supervisor, and your client, without the rest of your life being compromised. Employers are primarily looking for employees who can consistently provide solid work, rather than employees who produce very good jobs, but never meet deadlines.

  1. Put yourself first

While you are just starting out in business, it might seem presumptuous to talk about your career as if you have accomplished great things. This will allow you to be taken seriously by your interlocutors, but also to take yourself seriously. If you are starting a business, do not be ambiguous. Talk about your new business as you would talk about any other business. Talk about it as your “work”, and even if you work from home, a certain room could be your “office”. You have the right to approach the subject with humor, but do not discredit your efforts.

  1. Work is Passion

Some professional activities are experienced as both a job and a passion, going well beyond the simple remunerative function. What characterizes passionate work? It is the commitment, the freedom, the creativity, the autonomy, the direction of the action, the exercise of the activity as carrier of its own retribution. It is the incarnation of an inner necessity, more than an external constraint. It is the porosity of the boundaries between work and leisure, professional life and private life, constraint and pleasure, subordination and self-realization. It is the occasion of a non-standard, unconventional fulfillment and far from the routine that too often characterizes paid work. You do not do a job to make a living. You make a living to be able to do a job. Where is the limit between too much and not enough passion in your work?

Passionate work can be invasive, colonizing the domestic space, overflowing family life and free time. Passionate commitment may not be recognized and rewarded at the level of the efforts invested, thus constituting a powerful explanatory factor of suffering at work. Not to mention that the valorization of individuality and the glorification of commitment can be seen as an increasingly pregnant social expectation and an ostentatious form of assertiveness, thus denying work in its statutory, legal and monetary dimensions. . Both highly desirable and a factor of emancipation, passion at work can appear harmonious. But it can also be unenviable and a source of alienation, when it becomes excessive and is reduced to being the only support for identity recognition.


Loving what you will only bring you happiness and make you a highly effective person in your business. The sense of customer service, the passion of the trade, the taste of the challenge, the will to progress unceasingly

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