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How to minimize tension and frustration with others who are less organized than you!

How to minimize tension and frustration with others who are less organized than you!

Do you ever lose your mind when you meet someone, not as organized as you? Do you get very happy when you visit a place and you find it super tidy? Do you feel nervous and extremely uncomfortable when you are in a messy environment?

If you answered ‘yes!’ to all these questions then you are suffering from stress due to the tension you get with others who are less organized than you. There are hundreds and thousands of people like you, but only a few people act to change this situation. You still have a chance to control your emotions of frustration whenever you are surrounded by this type of people. In this article, I propose to you simple and effective tips to minimize tension and stress due to being surrounded by unorganized people.

The 10 solutions that will allow you to overcome your stress with others who are less organized than you:

Because you have been “stressing” for years over the mess other people have been making, your body has become used to this type of reaction on your part. It will be hard to get rid of it. Hard, but not impossible, provided that you regularly combine actions that play on all three levels: physical, emotional and mental, both upstream (to prevent the onset of frustration and tension) and downstream, when you are stressed, to remedy this condition.

  1. Change your point of view:

Regularly, every day, reserve 5 to 10 minutes of your time to visualize: Imagine that you have become the person you have always wanted to be and that everything around you is organized to perfection. Imagine that everyone around you is organized and that the place you are currently in is organized to perfection. Imagine that all the things that make you sad, that all the rage, all the anxieties, all the frustration that you’ve had have all disappeared. Feel your control of the situation. Enjoy the moment. For each of the situations that stress you, imagine a positive outcome.


If you think often enough that you can do something, you will succeed. By replacing negative stress scenarios with positive ones in your mind, you will overcome the negative emotions that haunt you in the case of stressing about the organization.


  1. Focus on yourself and what’s positive:

The ideas and thoughts that inhabit us unconsciously in everyday life often have a very big impact on the way we live. Our thoughts generate our emotions and our emotions generate our actions. If you want to modify your actions, you will have to modify your feelings beforehand.

Rather than focusing on untidy people around you all day, replace this bad habit with your own “Positive Emotional Journal.”

  • You are what you read.
  • You are what you choose to focus on.
  • You are what you think.

Some movies make you laugh, some books do you good, and some memories give you excitement and desire to move forward. Make a plan to focus only on yourself for one day. Get inspired by yourself and your own organizational skills while ignoring everything else. Create a file with a compilation of organized people’s videos (thank you YouTube!) Which have an anti-stress effect, or, a slideshow of your most organized places photos that you absolutely loved to visit.

Every day, try to think about thoughts that will make you feel good.

This can be an article that motivates you or a beautiful quote to help you find inspiration.

Do not neglect these sources of well-being on a daily basis. They are more important than you often imagine.

  1. Cultivate gratitude:

Every night, when you think back to the day that has passed, write down three things you are grateful for. Write three beautiful things that made you happy, that did you good and for which you are grateful. Thanks to this new habit, little by little, you will see the world around you transform itself and you will be less inclined to annoy yourself or to lose patience because of less organized people because the positive emotions will have gradually invaded your heart.

  1. Handle stress like a boss

To “handle the crisis” of stress, panic, anguish, and frustration about less organized people you don’t need to panic!

Do not give in to the temptation of guilt because you feel different than others who sometimes tend to be a little messy. This feeling has never helped anyone move forward. It’s been 2, 5, 10 years maybe since you’ve been stressing, you will not manage to overcome this state overnight.

Here are 3 actions that will allow you to calm down quickly even in case of intense stress if you encounter an unorganized person:


When the stress is so strong that it puts you in a state of crisis, the solution is to look for a strong emotional break with your present state: For example, if you are stressed because the room you are in is completely messy, laugh, laugh and then laugh some more. This is a great way to defuse your frustration. And this will help you to take a fresh look at what you are going through, to detach yourself from the situation. This will put a healthy distance between the situation you are living and the perception you have of it.


Simply because it will allow you to better oxygenate your brain! And also because it will give you a feeling of relaxation that will allow you to relax!

Change your posture

Often, when we are stressed, we tend to have negative ideas. To break these ideas, change your posture. Stand up and lift your head to the sky. Raise your arms very high, stretch as much as you can, inhale, and then suddenly release the pressure by blowing and swinging your arms towards your feet.

Repeat the exercise several times.

Then stand up and look straight ahead. Straighten your spine. You will naturally feel a sense of strength rising in you. Use it to cope with the situation you face calmly and easily.


By changing the REPRESENTATION you have of the world around you, you change your REACTION to it. Want to beat your stress and feel at ease with less organized people around you? The solution is to cultivate and maintain a good dose of positive ideas in your mind. Day after day, calm and serenity will invade you and make you feel better.

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