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How Can I Motivate Myself

How Can I Motivate Myself


Finding a passion, being social, more attractive and developing personally, these are the goals that all of us share. Everyone hopes to achieve their desires and accomplish everything they ever dreamed of. There are certain things that depend only on you: your motivation, your commitment to follow our advice and finally your ability to act in the field, whether it is to start working out, to finally approach your crush, or learn a new activity like dancing or playing on a musical instrument, etc.


It is almost inevitable, sooner or later, that everyone will have to deal with the loss of motivation, which leads to procrastinating and then giving up. There follows a period in which you wander aimlessly. You suffer daily and risk depression, finding no interest in anything. There is, however, a simple way to persevere, whatever you are trying to do. It is a method or rather a truth that was long forgotten.

The truth about motivation

Motivation is a wonderful feeling. It opens your perspectives, stimulates creativity and gives you the feeling of being able to accomplish everything.

It is driven in general from three sensations:

  • Motivation may bring the feeling of autonomy: which opens up a horizon full of possibilities. You feel free.
  • The feeling of mastering a domain: you are good at what you do, and by your talent wonders are realized. You feel empowered.
  • The feeling of having a goal: what you do has a meaning, a purpose, and will serve in the future. You feel a destiny. It is a constant back and forth feeling, between excitement and relaxation. You inflate yourself with energy and start making resolutions. You expect results that live up to your ambitions.

As you go along, you notice that you do not have the same enthusiasm to pursue your dreams. The desire is no longer there and doubt arises: is this really what I want to do? Is it worth it? Are the tips I’m applying the right ones? Will I change, or should I stay as I am?

All these questions are parasitic questions, worries that encourage you to give up. Your motivation was short-lived: the feeling you had was an intense motivation that suddenly disappeared and you found yourself giving up and accepting that you cannot do anything about anymore.

Having tried several processes to motivate yourself each day without having any success will lead to feelings of fear and bitterness, perhaps promising you that “tomorrow” will be different. But no, your gut tells you that the same thing will happen. You will think that if you are no longer motivated, it is because your goal is not worth it and is not important to you anymore: Which is completely FALSE!

Being motivated will help you accomplish many things.

How To Motivate Yourself By Desire

The first motivator is desire.

The goal here is to be connected to goals and dreams that are really important to you. You know, when I get up in the morning, I connect to my dreams and goals, and what I really want to do on this day. In other words, what is really important to me today? How will this day allow me to accomplish what is important to me? What will make me proud of this past day when I put my head on the pillow to sleep? And that can be completely different from one day to another. We have the right to change. No need to stay locked on one single goal, focus, for months and months. You can change each day according to your inner feeling.

How to Motivate yourself By Anger

The second motivator is a lot sneakier because it makes you suffer rather than being able to create it. It is the motivation for being angry. And in reality, the majority of people work with the motivation of fear. For example, I’m afraid I cannot pay my bills at the end of the month so I do this job that I do not like and allows me to live.

Associated with this will be added anger. The biggest opportunity that could happen to you is to get tired of getting tired of being angry: the ultimate brawl! Sometimes all you want is to quit your boring job, the toxic relationships you had with some friends or the terrible environment that surrounds you. You want to make the decision to move towards your goals and dreams that are really important to you! It is at that moment that you transmute anger into desire and can magnify your life for the better.

How to Motivate yourself By Not being scared anymore

Avoid the fear of not having enough, the fear of not succeeding, etc. You can do it just by yourself! That’s what will bring you to what you really want; you are the key to motivate yourself. Transmute any fears you have and move from any position that makes you fearful. I invite you not to change everything overnight because you could live very difficult times. But what is stopping you today from starting to move in a direction that is important to you is fear of the unknown. What prevents you from starting to look for what you would really like to do on a daily basis in the best of all worlds can simply disappear in an instant: but only if you choose to. What prevents you from taking a step towards your new life that would fill you in all areas is all in your hands.

Start motivating yourself today

Don’t wait! You can begin implementing actions that will gradually lead you to a deep alignment and a life that will suit you in all areas today. This is how you will achieve extraordinary results that will excite you and allow you to live a meaningful life! I hope all this motivates you to take a step towards your dreams right now. I wish you all the happiness in the world and to be fully in sync with who you really are from the inside. You will be able to express the best version of yourself, to be in agreement with your deepest values, to dare to be yourself at every moment and to magnify your life on all levels! So will you decide to make these motivational factors work for you?


You can find motivation, be more motivated every day, through desire and anger. You now know how to motivate yourself in life, every day, through these two great powers of desire and anger/fear. How about you? From which motivational factor do you mainly get your inspiration?

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